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Our Story

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Hey Friends! My name is Mallory Howard born and raised in Southern Indiana. At a young age the love of flowers and gardening began. The love and passion to grow something from seed has been handed down from generation to generation.

I can still recall running through, what felt like a secret garden at my great grandmothers home. Her daughter, my grandmother (GG), also loved flowers. Her yard was filled with beautifully scented roses, irises, and lilies. As I got older, she would dig up bulbs and bring them to my house to plant and enjoy. I remember cutting roses in her yard and making small vases of fresh cut flowers with her. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. My grandpa, aka Wild Bill, was also a garden enthusiast and would always have a large fresh vegetable garden. You always knew when he stopped by, because you’d find a grocery bag of veggies hanging from your front door and a scratch off lottery ticket to go with it. Then there’s my mom, Suzie, who you will see on the farm. She continued the flower and vegetable dream by always having my sister and I help in the garden. She’d have us pick blackberries, strawberries, and we’d spend most of our time snapping green beans. I remember watching her can what we picked and make homemade jams.

In 2013, my family (Matt, Saige, Nolan) and I relocated to Paducah, Kentucky. In December of 2018, we purchased an 85 acre farm. The farm was meant to be my husband and sons oasis. However, my passion for fresh, organic, seasonal flowers was stoked by a dream and a need to tap back into nature. That is how Sow n’ Seeds took root. This year, we will dig in and grow specialty cut, organic flowers.

For me, flowers have always been a universal sign of love. We give flowers to those we love, when reaching life milestones, during periods of grief, and for those special “just because” moments. We believe if you sow good seeds into fertile ground, the seed will blossom into a beautiful harvest to come. That is our hope for you: to enjoy our beautiful flowers and it takes you back to one of those special moments in life and brings you joy and happiness. CLICK HERE to see our selection of available flower options.

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